Who is Florian Schauer-Bieche?




I am content coach, communication consultant and writer – and have a Master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies (2011 at Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt). Since 2005 I have constantly been working in the field of media- and communications. I started as a journalist at the Kleine Zeitung in Klagenfurt and Graz, and due to an editors exchange worked in Zurich (Switzerland) for the well known NZZ.

„Idea manufacturer“, media guy and communicator

After that I switched fields and focused on communication consulting an PR. Since 2012 I am managing partner and shareholder of „Bieche & Partner GmbH“ in Vienna and Klagenfurt. We are a small but striving family business which is yet in the game for more than 21 years, offering consulting services in the field of communications.

What exactly am I doing? I help people, projects and companies to improve their content and communication, creating new ideas and developing concepts and strategies. For local and global firms in the banking industry, real estate business, media companies, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and IT-businesses.

Silence? Not on my watch! My slogan: „You’ll be amazed by what you have to tell!“

I like to call myself „idea manufacturer“, someone who helps others boosting their ideas, getting new insights on topics and being a sparring partner for them – as well as a connector and networker!

When it comes to developing new ideas and building projects, I am your man:

  • 2008 I founded „aufMUKen.at“, the first online platform for students at the Alpen-Adria-University in Klagenfurt
  • 2010 wrote one of the first interactive Facebook-realtime novels (user could determine the twists of the story)
  • 2011 I advised the developers of one of the first social-voting platforms on the german market
  • 2014 I founded the online magazine „Helden-von-heute.at
  • 2018 I was the initiator and founder of the first official skill-agency on the german market: www.skill.casa

„Provocation“, my favorite coaching technique

Provocation technique: It’s a special creativity technique to find new ideas. It helps solving creative problems and overcome loops. You can compare it with the so called “problem reversal technique”. It’s all about mental provocation: Assumptions are inversed. Imagine you should sell headphones. But this time the headphones are just a plain bar. How would you do this? The idea behind is to generate complete new ways of thinking to provoke new ideas which you’d never thought of before. Breaking standards is the best way to improve.

My subject: Content Coaching

Content Coaching means helping to improve consisting content as well as developing new, even better content with the overall focus to push the brands communication goals.
Content coaching means analyzing content and communication channels of clients, creating a feedback index and with it developing concepts and strategies.

As a top athlete it’s normal to hire a coach to improve. So why shouldn’t you do the same for the sake of your and you company’s communication?

Fun facts and other projects

  • 931 interviews lead (Nov. 2018)
  • 515 – 600 keystrokes per Minute
  • Trained speaker (by actress and voice coach Barbara Kaudelka)
  • Author of german PR-book „PR sind keine Zauberei“ – Handbuch für alle, die ihre Öffentlichkeitsarbeit selbst in die Hand nehmen wollen. Erhältlich auf Amazon.com“
  • Former bandleader, singer and songwriter (here’s the prove, including a self made music clip)

You want to contact me? florian@bieche.com